Why Buy from Us?

7 Reasons to Choose Phone Card Selector

1. Credit Roll Over, Even with Expired Cards

Phone Card Selector is unique because we allow you to carry forward any remaining credit when you recharge an expired phone card. Though we can’t offer cards that never expire, we make sure you keep your credit—just recharge your card, and we’ll transfer your existing balance.

2. Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees

While some of our cards have connection fees, they generally come with lower per-minute rates. We never deduct monthly admin fees or charge you any strange fees. The money on your card is yours to use.

3. Mobile Usage at No Extra Cost

Our cards are highly versatile. You can call from landlines, mobiles, or payphones by simply dialling our Local Access Number. Our cards work for calls to both landlines and mobiles, and we don’t charge extra when using our service through your mobile.

4. Fast Resolution for Calling Issues

Although rare, you may experience a bad line or connection issue. We have invested heavily in our technology to minimize these problems and resolve any connection issue quickly, typically that same day or even faster. Other phone card companies can take up to 2 days or even 2 weeks to fix similar issues.

5. No reactivation fee if your card expires

Some companies charge a “reactivation fee” if your phone card expires. With Phone Card Selector, just recharge your card with the minimum top-up amount, and you’re good to go!

6. No daily service fee charges

Many calling card companies deduct service fees from your card daily, weekly, or monthly. Phone Card Selector does not charge service fees or any hidden fees for that matter.

7. No off-peak or on-peak call rates

Some companies have variable rates depending on the time you make your call. Phone Card Selector offers flat rates, allowing you to make calls whenever you want without being penalized for calling during peak hours.