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16 March 2014 - Engage Tone

8.00pm Due to connectivity problem is a data center in Sydney users of some of the cards are experiencing an engage tone when they call the local access number. This problem has been reported and engineers are on site.

UPDATE 11pm: Engage problem was resolved at around 11pm. However, PINless dialing feature is still not working for some cards. UPDATE (17 March 2014): Pinless dialing feature fixed

19 Dec 2011 - Tel.Pacific & gotalk to merge

Today it was announced that that two largest phone card company in Australia in Australia has agreed to merge. While this was announced as a merger, most people that it is in fact a take over by Tel.Pacific. After gotalk's failed IPO and foray into the MVNO business they have been struggling to contain cost. Is this good news for phone card users? Time will tell but probably not. With now less competition rates will probably raise over time.

17 November 2007 - 160 SMS Service

We know that some of our customers prefer to text then to talk and sometimes when you are busy it is often easier to send an SMS rather than have a phone conversation. Due to lack of competition, Australia has one of the highest SMS rates in the world. The major carriers like Testra, Optus, Three and Vodafone charge up to 50 cents per SMS if you SMS a number outside Australia and 25 cents per SMS if you SMS a number within Australia. Today we are pleased to announce that we now offer a far cheaper alternative through our website You can send an SMS to any Australian mobile number from just 5.95 cents a minute. Existing customers do not have to register on our SMS website as their login details will also work on that site. All customers will receive 5 free SMS credits for free to try the service. This is an obligation free trial so send some free SMS to your friends and family on us.

21 January 2006 - Phone cards no longer available in shops

Due to the increasing commission that is being demanded by retailers to stock physical phone cards we have decided to only focus to selling virtual phone cards on the internet. Accordingly, all cards that you see on our website are not available in shops, petrol stations or newsagents. Retailers are now demanding up to 45% commission to stock phone cards and for phone card companies to still offer competitive rates most have resorted tricks like weekly or daily admin fees fees or disconnection fees. These hidden fees mean that phone card users pay alot more then the per minute rate advertised. We will NEVER do this. Time will tell but is with a heavy heart that we have today decided to make take this path as we know that a large number of our customers do not buy from our website. We would like to continue to offer our customers one of the lowest rates in the industry and phone cards that do not have any tricks and unfortunately, selling online is the only way for us to do this. The commission that is not paid to the bricks and mortar retailer we pass to our customers.

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